7th Generation Civic Chassis Codes

Quite often you may see chassis codes in use or referenced by others. It definitely makes it easier for people to help you out as well when you are looking for something specific to your vehicle as it allows someone to know exactly what chassis type your vehicle is.

Chassis code chart after the jump.

This chart was compiled by toyomatt84 over at honda-tech.com All credits go to him

Chassis Motor Region Years Made Model Type
ES1 1.7L USDM/CAD/JDM All 4-door DX/LX (JDM Ferio)
ES2 1.7L (Vtec) USDM/CAD/JDM All 4-door EX (JDM Ferio)
EM2 1.7L USDM All 2-door HX/DX/LX
EM2 1.7L (Vtec) USDM All 2-door EX (CAD Si)
EP1 1.4L JDM All 3-door
EP2 1.6L JDM All 3-door
EP3 K20A3 USDM 2002+ 3-door Si (CAD SiR)
EP3 K20C1 JDM All 3-door Type-R
EU7 1.4L JDM All 5-door (Ferio)
EU8 1.6L JDM All 5-door (Ferio)
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