Install A Front Strut Bar

Time Needed: 15 mins
Tools Needed: Socket Wrench, Torque Wrench, 10mm & 14mm Socket
Purpose: Reduce strut tower flex. Improve traction during turning. Stiffen Chassis.
Prerequisites: None.

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Manual Transmission Engine Bay

This is a shot of the engine bay before putting in the bar. This is a shot of a Manual Transmission / LX coupe. As you can see, by the right strut tower is where the clutch fluid resevoir is. The way it is mounted stock means it will be in the way of the bar. We will have to relocate this in order to accomodate the strut bar, if you own an AT you won’t have to worry.

If you own an Automatic Transmision Civic, you may skip to step 8.

Clutch Fluid Resevoir

In this pic you can clearly see how the clutch fluid resevoir will interfere with the bar.

Remove Clutch Fluid Resevoir Mount

Using the 10mm socket remove the mount for the clutch fluid resevoir

Remove Hosing Mount

Now just below the clutch fluid resevoir mount is a mount that keeps the hosing out of the way, remove this as well.

Combine Mounts

Alright now that you have both mounts removed, place them together so that you can reattach them at the lower mount point.

Attach To Lower Mount Point

Now reattach both mounts to the lower whole on the strut tower.

Enough Clearance

The clutch fluid resevoir now sits low enough for there to be clearance between it and the strut bar

Remove 3 Bolts

Now we must remove the 3 bolts that surround the strut.

Use 14mm Socket

Using the 14mm socket remove the 3 bolts on each side of the car.

Tighten Bolts

Now after adjusting the strut bar to the proper length (should be just a TAD shorter than the distance between the two strut towers) you can tighten down the bolts again. I can’t remember exactly what the lb/ft torque setting should be but your strut bar should come with that specified somewhere.

Use 14mm Socket

This is what it should look like after it’s done.

Manual Transmission

You can see how the clutch fluid resevoir now sits on the manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission

As for the automatic transmission, it is not an issue.

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