Replace Stock Shift Boot

Time Needed: 10 mins
Tools Needed: Replacment Shiftboot, *small* Flathead Screwdriver (or prying tool), Needlenose Pliers, Side Cutters
Purpose: Aesthetics
Prerequisites: Remove Center Console, Remove The Shift Knob
Full instructions after the jump.

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If you’re simply looking to remove the gray coupling that attaches the boot to the stock shiftknob because you have an aftermarket knob, skip to step 10

The Original Shiftboot

Okay so this is what you should have after removing your center console and unscrewing the trim piece that the shiftboot is attached to.

Remove Staples

Alright, now turn this piece upside down and you should see that the boot has been stapled to keep it in place, take your small flathead screwdriver or other prying tool to carefully pry up the ends of the staples, now if you’re strong enough pull the staples through the plastic, otherwise use a needle nose plier to remove them.

Do this around the entire perimeter.

Remove From Trim

With all the staples removed, you should be able to tug up on the boot and it should slide out of the trim piece.

Silve Trim

We will need to remove this silver ring around the base.

Pull Up Silve Trim

On the side that has the screw on it, pull up on the silver bevel piece.

Depress Tabs

While still pulling up on the piece (*not shown in pic* – I’ve only got two hands to work with and take pics), take the flathead screwdriver and pry back on the tabs that keep the piece locked in place from the buttom.

Work Around

As you unlock each tab, continue pulling up on the piece and work your way around until you have the piece removed

Seperated Pieces

Now you should have both pieces seperated, all you have to do is reverse the above steps and you’ll be happily driving around with a new boot.

Remove Gray Coupling

Here’s where we remove the grey coupling that keeps the shiftboot on the stock knob.

Inside Out

You’ll realize that you don’t need to remove the boot from the console to do this, simply turn the shiftboot inside out, you’ll notice that the coupling is simply wire tied to the boot itself.

Cut Zip Strap

Take your side cutters to them and remove the tie, now with a little bit of twisting the grey coupling will slide right off.


Here’s the coupling removed, if you ever decide to refasten it remember to turn your tie backwards, so that the locking part of the wire tie will fit flush into that hole in the gray coupling.

My Homemade Shiftboot

Here’s the shiftboot that I made (yes i’m a bit of a DIY fiend, i have even sewn my own boot), I decided to go with a black boot with red accent stitching to match my interiour colour scheme.

I decided to go with a cross stitch around the top of the boot whilst doing an angle stitch down each of the seams to give it an understated accented look.

Another Shot

Here’s another shot of the boot. I hope this gives you some ideas to get creative with a new boot.

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