Painted Headlights

Time Needed: 10 mins + Drying Time
Tools Needed: Spray Paint, Masking Tape, Newspaper,Latex/Rubber Gloves (Optional)
Purpose: Aesthetics
Prerequisites: Remove Front Bumper, Clear Headlights

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You’ll need to have removed your front bumper and seperated your headlight housing in order to proceed.

This DIY continues on from the last step of the Clear Your Headlights DIY

Tape And Mask

You’ll probably want to keep the side reflector and chrome area for your turn signal so easiest way is to use the amber insert as a mask.

Cover it well with newspaper and masking tape unless you wish to black it all out.

Paint Lights

Now you can paint your light with whatever you want. (FYI – I used Duplicolor Engine Paint – although the light probably won’t generate that much heat)

Make sure you do light even coats to avoid running.

Let Dry

Allow time for it to all dry, especially if you’ve done multiple coats.

After it’s dry you can remove the amber insert, or remove all masking and put it back in.


That’s it, now you just need to reverse the entire process and put the light assembly back together.


This is how it looks back on the car.

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