Install A Short Throw Shift Adaptor

Time Needed: 5 mins.
Tools Needed: The Short Thow Adaptor, Allen Key, Cotter Pins
Prerequisites: Remove The Shift Knob, Remove Centre Console
Purpose: To shorten the throw required for shifting a manual transmission, resulting in quicker shifting.

Full instructions after the jump.

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The Solo Adaptor

Well this is what the Solo Adaptor will look like when you buy it or get it delivered to your house.

The Main Piece

This is the actual short shift adaptor itself.

Package Contents

You’ll find everything you need included. Including 2 cotter pins and the Allen key.

Console Removed

To begin the install you’ll need to remove the shift knob as well as the center console. After you have the center console removed you should see something similar to this.

Original Fastening Point

This is a closeup of the original location where the shifter cable is attached.

Remove Cotter Pin

The First step is to remove the cotter pin holding the cable in place.

Remove Plastic Spacer

Next remove the plastic spacer/bracket from the mount.

Cable Removed From Mount

The cable should be able to come free now (sorry for the bad pic).

The Adaptor

Now with the cable off the original mounting point you can now install the short throw adaptor.

Attaching The Adaptor

Now place the short throw adaptor so that the original pivot mount goes through the hole on the adaptor. The words “solo” or “DC” should read properly and not be upside down or backwards.

Re-attach Cable

Next you’ll want to reattach the cable to the solo adaptor pivot mount.

Here’s where you have to watch out, there’s a bit of play with the adaptor. You’ll notice an incorrect install if the throw between your upper gears to neutral is less than the throw between the lower gears to neutral or vice versa.

The reason why many installs end up this way is because you’re over zealous when it comes to reducing the throw. You’ll notice that if you tilt the adaptor up you’ll shorten the throw further. Theoretically yes but only with one set of gears. Since you’re tilting it a certain way it’ll reduce the throw for either the upper set of gears or lower whilst increasing the throw for the opposite side. The throw distance will be the same it’s just you’ve allocated a shorter distance between your upper gears and neutral vs. your lower gears and neutral. You’ll notice this if you end up missing shifts, there’s binding, or it’s super stiff for either lower or upper set of gears.

To avoid this problem: Simply make sure you mount this flush to the original mount arm, make sure it’s level. When you install the adaptor you should keep the shifter in neutral.

Tighten Screws

After making sure the throw is equal distant for both your upper set of gears (1,3,5) as it is with your lower (2,4,R), all you have to do now is simply tighten the adaptor.

Tighten Screws

After you have everything set properly. Simply place the spacer back on and use one of the provided cotter pins to keep it in place.

At this point I’d suggest taking it for a test driver before putting the center console back together. As well if you have an aftermarket shift knob vs. the stock, you’ll notice it’s most likely shorter than the stock knob. So as an added benefit, the effect of the adaptor tends to be more noticable.

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