Remove The Resonator

Time Needed: 5 mins.
Tools Needed: Socket Wrench, Socket Extension, 10mm Socket
Purpose: To prepare for aftermarket intake installation, make room for turbocharger components, etc

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The Wrench, Extension, and Socket

Alright, this is all you need to remove your resonator. Yes you’ll need an extension arm for your socket wrench or else you can’t reach two of the bolts.(without great pain)

The Resonator

There are 4 bolts holding it on, a rubber tube that holds it to the intake snorkel, and on the underside you’ll find a wire attached via a green clip (which after unbolting will prevent you from lifting the resonator chamber straight out).

Two Bolts

Where the resonator chamber connects to the airbox you’ll find these two bolts, you’ll be able to reach the top bolt without the extension arm, however you’ll need the extension to undo the lower bolt.

*Also* on the underside of where these bolts are, is a cable that is attached to the resonator’s mounting bracket via a green clip. to remove the green clip there is a little notch you must press on to release the clip. since you can’t see it when you’re doing it, i didn’t bother trying to take a picture…you’ll have to feel it out.

The Third Bolt

Tucked between the resonator chamber and the battery is this bolt which you will definitely need a socket wrench with an extension to reach, unless you feel like removing your battery..

After unbolting, you’ll also wish to wriggle the rubber tube off of the resonator chamber. It’s just held there with friction…so twist it, turn it, and pull it. It will eventually come off.

The Wrench, Extension, and Socket

Alright this last bolt is easiest to remove, just undo it and voila….

Okay you should have removed 4 bolts, unclipped the cable from underneath the first two, wriggled off the rubber tube that connects the resonator chamber to the plastic snorkel, and wriggled the resonator chamber from the airbox.

With that done, a little more wriggling, twisting, and pulling should have you holding the resonator chamber in your hands leaving nice free space in the engine bay.

You can now put in your shiny new intake (DIY AEM CAI Install), or leave it off for that throaty sound when you mash on your gas..or for whatever reason you wanted to remove your resonator for.

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