Disable The Automatic A/C

Time Needed: 30 Seconds
Tools Needed: Your Fingers
Purpose: To allow full control over the HVAC system. From factory the default setting automatically turns on your Air Con whilst you are in the Defog setting. This is to expediate the defogging process, however with Air Con on your car uses more gas.

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*NOTE* It is recommended that you still run your A/C for 15 minutes once every season so that the refigerent doesn’t just sit in the system stagnant.

These steps are compiled from the discussion forums over at 2k1civic.com

Turn Car Off

Turn Temperature Knob To Full Blue (All the way to the left – Counter-Clock Wise)

Turn Vent Knob To Off (All the way to the left – Counter-Clock Wise)

Hold Down Air Recirculation Button As Well As A/C Button

Keep Both Buttons Depressed and Start Car

Continue To Keep Both Buttons Depressed for 7 Seconds


You will now have control of your A/C regardless of what setting you are in, to revert back, simply repeat the procedue.

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