Change Your Headlights

Time Needed: 10 mins.
Tools Needed: None.
Purpose: Change burnt headlights, Upgrade bulbs etc

*Simple Notes*

  1. Have the right bulbs H4 (9003)

Full instructions after the jump.

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*IMAGE NOTE* Headlamps pictured are Depo OEM headlights not the Honda OEM Lights. Therfore things will look slightly different.

Pull Hood Release

First thing to do is pop the hood. Pull the hood release inside the car.

Things In The Way

There’s quite a bit of stuff in front of the driver’s side headlight. This side is actually easier to access.

Remove Fluid Resevoir

We’ll need to make a little more room by removing the fluid resevoir from the bracket it’s mounted on.

Simply apply some force and pull up

The Wiring Harness

This is the wiring harness that powers the bulb. Simply unplug it by pulling it straight back.

Remove Rubber Grommet

Now to remove the rubber seal simply tug on either of those rubber tabs that are protruding on either side.

The Spring Latch

Now there is a metal spring latch that holds the bulb in place, you’ll need to press and release the latch in order to remove the bulb.

Now all you have to do is remove the bulb and replace it with the new ones and reverse this process. *NOTE* Remember to never touch the actual bulb with your fingers. It is important not to get your finger oils, dirt or any other grime on the glass bulb. This can cause the bulb to burn out or in worse case scenario – explode.

The Passenger Side

The passenger side is behind the battery slightly. Replacing the bulb on this side is the same process just with slightly less room to work with.

If it is too difficult for you to manouvre your handsy ou may need to remove the battery tie down so that you can move the battery to provide more room.

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