Change Your Oil

Time Needed: Approx 30 mins or less.
Tools Needed: A Jack, Jack Stands, Wood Blocks (for safety), Oil Wrench (or strap wrench), Oil Drain Pan, New Oil (5W20), New Filter, New Crush Washer, Funnel (optional)
Purpose: Change old oil, Switch to synthetic oil etc

*Simple Notes*

  1. Have the right type of oil
  2. Have enough oil
  3. Torque amount for screwing in the filter is printed on the filter

Full instructions after the jump.

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Jack, Jack Stands, Oil Drain Pan

Here’s the bare essentials, something to get your car high enough for you to safely manuever underneath (either jackstands or a set of ramps), and an oil catch pan (unless you like drinking the stuff). Some old rags and paper towels help to clean up any mess you might make as well

Jack up the car

Before you start make sure your car has had time to cool down some so you don’t burn yourself on hot oil..yet keeping in mind that *warm* oil drains faster than cold. So if your car hasn’t been running at all, you’ll want to start it up and let it idle for about 10 minutes. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re parking brake is fully enganged, handle all the way up! Place the wood blocks behind your two rear tires to prevent your car from slipping and as an added safety measure.

Now jack up the car. Make sure you have the jack positioned under the chassis at the jack point and not under a body panel.

Sitting Securely on Jack Stands

Make sure your car is sitting securely on 2 jackstands, and not just one…cuz that’s not safe. oh and at this point you may want to adjust the wood blocks behind your rear tires just for an extra precaution.

*NOTE* at this point remove the oil cover this will assist in the flow of draining (it’s like punching that second opening in a juice carton when pouring).

The Oil Pan

That my friend…is the oil pan, in case you’ve never seen one before..that’s where all your oil resides and where we’ll be draining from.


Now position the oil drain pan underneath and remove the drain bolt with a wrench.


Alright slide yourself out and let the oil pan piss out all the dirty oil.


Where’s the oil filter? you ask? yes well honda decide to place our filter in the most annoying to reach area…look up way up!


Here’s another shot of where it’s located…it’s just above the oil pan.


Now reach in there with your oil filter wrench and slowly remove the oil filter.


now position the oil catch pan underneath to catch any remaining oil from the filter and oil pan.


*NOTE* Before you forget, replace the oil drain plug bolt! as well replace the crush washer at this time (unless whoever last changed it decided not to use a crush washer).

Alright now open your new filter. Remove the rubber seal from the new filter


Now taking some oil, lubricate the rubber seal and replace it on the filter.


Alright now taking your new filter get back under the car and tighten it, generally you’ll be able to hand tighten it, but if you’ve got too much greasy oil on your hands you may need to use your oil filter wrench to assist


Now take your funnel and fill er up with your new oil, put the cover back on and you’re good to go! (don’t forget to record your mileage and date.)

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